Selasa, 23 Oktober 2012

Deep Freeze Standard + Serial

Deep Freeze software freezes the hard drive to help data backup. DeepFreeze is a very good program for personal computers to access the Internet as well as offline.

Deep Freeze helps your PC run extremely stable, it also can be advertised as: Install, upgrade, or remove software.

+ Delete folders and files.
+ The file is download tuInternet.
+ Virus (including boot sector virus).
+ Change the desktop background.
+ Format the hard drive


+ After the reboot you will see the icon (icon) of DF on the Taskbar. Press the Shift key and double click the left mouse button on this icon will have a bulletin board password protect programs (for others to disable it, you have to remember this pass!). Then you will see the interface of DF includes 2 tag Boot Control and Password.
+ Boot Control tab, in order to protect your C partition choose Boot Frozen, contrary to the disabled DF then choose Boot Thawed. When you do have to restart the computer for changes to take effect. Can choose to disable DF after n boots (Boot Thawed on next ...... restart) in this tag.
+ Also tag your Password to change the password only.
+ So to update the anti-virus program installed on your C drive or patch Win, ... for example, you select Boot Thawed then update, then to protect you selected Boot Frozen.


+ Enter the password and select the last line.
+ Restart your computer, run the Setup file and select Uninstall


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Thanks sir for sharing this useful software updated key i highly thankful and I hope you will share in future like this useful software. Thanks thanks thanks.

error gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan .......
gak ada blog yg bener .....

Gan file udah diupload ulang, terimakasih telah berkunjung keblog ini

OK makasih gan bantuanya ...
deep frez udah gue coba dan work ... dari blog2 lain gak ada yg beres gan ...
yg v.60 ada gak ???

Sama2 gan,

Ini link yang versi 6.0
Ini link yang ver 6.61.20

buat windows 8 oke gak........booz

Belum perna nyoga gan, pakai yang versi 7.60 aja...

Nice Post Admin.Check Here Faronics DEEP FREEZE Standard Edition Latest Updated Version.

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